How receptive are the patients when it comes to Fildena products? Is the drug as effective as its Viagra counterpart? We are about to find out in a few, but first, let us first discuss the need-to-know information basics for the drug Fildena.


Fildena 100 mg PillsFildena 100 mg PillsWhat is the drug Fildena?Fildena is not a single drug; the brand is actually a group of products manufactured by the company Fortune Healthcare, which is found in India. Fildena products are indicated for the use of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. These products are efficacious due to their Sildenafil Citrate content, which is a known strong agent used for impotence therapy.


Sildenafil Citrate found in every pill of Fildena belongs to the drug family termed as PDE5is or phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor treatments. PDE5 inhibitor agents are drugs which are specific inhibitors of the PDE5 enzyme which is significant to the erectile mechanism in males. Sildenafil Citrate is a drug proven efficacious in various medical conditions and not only for erectile dysfunction, as the PDE5 enzyme is located in various places of the body.


Apart from erectile dysfunction, Sildenafil Citrate drugs such as Fildena are also useful for various conditions such as urinary retention caused by prostate enlargement, pulmonary arterial hypertension, female fertility treatments, pregnancy preservation for females who are at risk for miscarriage, and other clinical conditions. Fildena, however, is solely prescribed for erectile dysfunction, although the drug is also considered for its application for pulmonary arterial hypertension.


Fildena Available Forms, Dosage, and AvailabilityFildena products come in various forms: 100 mg, 50 mg, and 25 mg (classic hard film-coated tablets), Fildena XXX (chewable tablets in fruity flavors), Fildena CT 100 mg and 50 mg (chewable tablets in plain flavor), Fildena Strong 120 mg, and Fildena Super Power (150 mg).


Regardless of the Fildena dose, the dose instruction for the intake of Fildena is the same. Only one dose per day (as needed) and it is consumed ideally without food intake and without alcohol. The drug should also be taken at least an hour before the sexual activity. Also, all these medications typically last for 4 hours regardless of potency, as Sildenafil is metabolized in the body in a span of 4 hours.


Fildena ReviewsReviews are an essential part of a product’s integrity, as reviews can make or break a product. There are quite a number of reviews accessible for the Fildena product, so we can promptly evaluate how buyers were able to find their Fildena product use. Here is a melange/hodgepodge of reviews for the product Fildena on the web:


Fildena 100 mg Review from JimmieFildena 100 mg Review from JimmieThe review above is one of the good reviews available for the famed generic product. participant Jimmie mentioned being able to order the 100 mg variant of the purple impotence drug Fildena. According to his recollection, the drug was “amazing” and interestingly, he mentioned being able to feel the drug’s effect “for a few days”, which is unusual due to the 4-hour effect of Sildenafil. He concluded his statement telling that the drug was worth its cost. from DukeFildena 100 mg Review from DukeDuke, another satisfied customer commenting for Fildena cited that he was able to order Fildena for sale online and was mailed the purple drug. He explained how he tried using half of the drug just to test the product and he was surprised that he was able to gain sufficient erections from even just half of the product. He also verified the efficacy of the whole pill and described how the product was able to set him in the mood and enabled him to perform properly and repeat the activity for several times.


Fildena 100 mg Testimonial from MartinFildena 100 mg Testimonial from MartinAnother user, Martin, gave his positive review for Fildena 100 mg and commented that the drug treated his impotence problem. He also went on to state that the drug is really capable of granting the users 4 hours of “pleasure”.



Stella’s review is particularly peculiar, as she gave the evaluation on behalf of her partner. Based on her user review for Fildena CT (chewable), the medication was able to improve her partner’s performance, causing them to enjoy their sexual relationship on a regular basis.


Fildena 100 mg Testimonial from JimFildena 100 mg Testimonial from JimA brief but positive comment was also given out by Jim, but this time, for Fildena XXX (fruit-flavored chews). Jim said that the product “rocks”, which pretty much sums up everything nicely.


Fildena 100 mg Testimonial from RichardFildena 100 mg Testimonial from RichardFor Fildena Strong, there was one user named Richard who gave his remark for Fildena Strong (120 mg). Based on his statement for the product, Fildena Strong was able to assist him in “sorting out” his troubles related to his suffering concerning erectile dysfunction.


Not all reviews for Fildena products were great, though. There were a number of product complaints directed at Fildena and most of them were due to the product’s lack of efficacy. Here are some of the obnoxious comments from patients who found the drug disagreeable:


Fildena 100 mg Feedback from MarkusFildena 100 mg Feedback from MarkusFildena 100 mg Customer ExperienceFildena 100 mg Customer ExperienceIn one of the threads found on, Markus mentioned how he’s tried Fildena for a week but the drug failed to give him any improvements whatsoever. RobertW replied to his comment and mentioned that he should double the dose in order to reach maximum efficacy, as according to him, the drug only houses “40% of the stated dosage”.


Fildena 100 mg Feedback from WiselyFildena 100 mg Feedback from WiselyFildena 100 mg Consumers ReportFildena 100 mg Consumers ReportThe patient Wisely, on the other hand, related how he’s had eye redness as a result of his Fildena use. He asked the moderator if the reaction is normal with the use of Sildenafil products such as Fildena. Wisely ended up resolving to consult with his doctor for his eye, though.


Fildena 100 mg Feedback from GTFildena 100 mg Feedback from GTAnother complaint about the drug was aired by GT and he stated that his Fildena stash was a result of a faulty order and he whinged about how the drug was an utter waste of resources (it did not work for him).


Fildena 100 mg Feedback from RobertWFildena 100 mg Feedback from RobertWRobertW, on the one hand, related as if he deciphered the actual efficacy of Fildena. According to his self-proclaimed analysis, the 100 mg product is just actually 40 mg, so he suggests taking the 150 mg dose for a full effect from the drug.


ConclusionBased on the miscellany of reviews available for Fildena products, it is actually inconclusive how effective the drug is. Some reviewers were actually pleased with the Fildena’s efficacy, while a good number of other buyers were also inordinately disappointed on how Fildena performed for their condition. Due to the variety of every human’s anatomy, we can say that each individual might react to Fildena differently. In Sildenafil Citrate optimizations, there are also various optimum doses for each case of impotence, although most (and not necessarily all) of the patients tend to respond to the 100 mg dose.


Patients need to get tested before being administered with any Fildena product in order to maximize the drug’s benefits and advantages and also minimize adverse side reactions as a result of the drug intake. Fildena continues to be a recommendable drug for impotence despite client complaints about the product. However, these spiteful remarks for the product should also be taken into consideration and not shrugged off as impertinent. Although efficacious, accessible, and affordable, Fildena products should still be taken with extra care.

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